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Chris Del Conte Talks Everything Texas Longhorns

Chris Del Conte Talks Everything Texas Longhorns

If you’ve been listening to the show recently, you know that Ed & B-DOE have been chugging gallons of what they call, BOKA! (Burnt Orange Kool-Aid). Which pretty much means they’re rallying (brainwashing) all of Austin (the world) to Longhorns (greatest college team in the world)! Really, it’s because UT means so much to the Austin community for generations of people who swear they bleed burnt orange, B-DOE & Ed being two of those people. Winning some national champions in back in ’05 & before, fans have since been eager to see Longhorns hold up a trophy again & someone spurring up the 40 acres is Chris Del Conte & that’s exactly why he’s going to be firing Ed Clements out of Smokey the Cannon.

Chris del Conte, Vice President & Athletics Director for The University of Texas returns to Sports Talk with Ed & B-DOE going over everything from spring training with the football team & Coach Sarkisian working with Arch & Ewers (find out what he thinks of mullets) to the possibility if Texas will ever be moving out of the cotton bowl & from Dallas for their big Red River Showdown vs Oklahoma. On top of seeing Ed fly through the sky out of a cannon in a blaze of glory, hear Del Conte’s take on NIL & valuation in his departments, what to expect in our new conference with new teams to face & more by clicking below!


Chris Del Conte Interview


Brad Buckman Interview

Did you hear Brad Buckman thoughts on Rodney Terry being named basketball head coach? He spoke on new changes & what to expect in the future including what he’s up to now.

Brad Buckman by getty images via Ronald Martinez

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