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Sports Day Plus with Trey Elling

Weekdays | 6PM - 7PM
Photo provided by Trey Elling

Weekdays | 6PM – 7PM

Satirizing sports, conducting long-form conversations with interesting people, and pointing out human stupidity, weekdays from 6-7pm.

Born in Tyler, TX during what was then described as the worst snowstorm in east Texas history, Trey loved sports from an early age. His earliest life memories involve attending Texas Longhorn football games at Memorial Stadium, flipping through Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine, and celebrating when the Dallas Morning News started providing updated batting averages and ERAs within its daily baseball box scores.
As an athlete, Trey peaked between the ages of five and twelve. His highlight reel includes an unassisted triple play in tee-ball (none of the other kids could catch a throw), a goal scored from midfield in youth soccer (his nickname at the time was ‘Trey-le’, inspired by the great Pele), and the first three-point shot made in Dan F Long Junior High School history (just blind luck, really, playing in the first game after the line had been painted).
In moving from junior high to high school in DFW suburbia, Trey became a fat kid and then a licensed driver, He also discovered a new radio station in town that appealed to his sports-loving sensibilities…1310 The Ticket. ALL sports? ALL the time? Trey was hooked. As his car-owning friends blasted music when driving around town, Trey blasted sports radio, much to the chagrin of his friends. But he would tell them even then, ‘This is what I want to do when I grow up.’
High school turned into college. And with college came excessive drinking. But all the while, Trey never lost sight of that desire to work in sports radio. At the age of 21, that dream became a reality, when he was hired as a promotions intern at an Austin radio cluster which included 1300 The Zone. On top of working hard on the promotions side of things, Trey would hang around a Zone producer at the time who helped teach him the basics of the job.
As is the case with much of life, Trey’s earliest on-air opportunities were a result of doors opening in the right place at the right time. His first show to produce was ‘Bucky and Erin’, at the time airing weekdays from 1-3pm. His very first day as B&E’s producer, Trey ran out of gas on Mopac, requiring him to run to a Chevron and back with a gas can in hand. Somehow, he made it to his shift on time.
But running with a full gas can in hand for a half-mile has its consequences. Trey’s legs were soaked in gasoline. And he brought that smell into the station with him, at a time when the producer was in the same room as the hosts. Needless to say, Bucky and Erin sounded like they were high on gas fumes that afternoon.
Fast forward more than 20 years…through stops in Austin, Oregon, Chicago (drink up), and back to Austin, Trey turned that sports radio dream into a reality, first on 104.9 The Horn as a co-host on Midday with Trey & BK and then as one half of Shirts & Skins with Chad & Trey. And currently as host of Sports Day Plus on 102.7 ESPN.
This journey also helped him understand another broadcasting passion…conducting interviews. That, along with his love for reading, are the foundations of his podcast, Books on Pod, where he speaks with authors, filmmakers, and comedians about their stories. The topics range well beyond sports. But if you listen to Trey’s esoteric viewpoint, you probably could’ve guessed that.
When Trey is not broadcasting, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter, and son, or playing sand volleyball.