Sam Ehlinger

Sam Ehlinger

When I was back in school, as a longhorn myself, I was always so baffled at all the other students I shared classes with. There were kids from all walks of life, kids who were building computers, training to be actors, folks from overseas speaking 3 languages. The University of Texas is even putting out athletes going as far as The Olympics, World Cup, World Series, & even the Super Bowl. UT has always strived to make Hall of Famers & someone on that path themselves is Sam Ehlinger, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts & former quarterback for The Longhorns. While back home in his offseason, Ehlinger joined Sports Talk this passed Friday (2/10) to join in on the Sports Talk Nugget family & all I could think about was being at the 2018 Red River Showdown (Texas 48-45) watching Ehlinger & Cameron Dicker “the Kicker” givin’ the business to OU. Just crazy to think these people were my age doing all this, seriously I remember casually bumping into Ehlinger in the student dining area, like for lunch (shoutout J2 for being a hub for all freshman).

Sam Ehlinger joined in on the show & hung out with Ed & B-DOE talking about his time as a Longhorn, his transition into the NFL from the 40 acres, & UT moving to the SEC in the summer of ’24. It’s invigorating to see what Ehlinger has planned for his future as a quarterback. As someone who saw him get his start with Tom Herman in 2017 to his draft to the Colts in 2021, it’ll be exciting to see him one day lift a Lombardi trophy.



It was games like this that made going to UT unforgettable!

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