Kirk Dressendorfer’s #10 To Be Retired on Mar 15


Kirk Dressendorfer’s #10 To Be Retired on Mar 15

It’s a special occasion whenever the Texas Longhorns recognize & retire a number from passed Texas Exes. Longhorns recognized in this status are usually seen for their character both on & off the field & within the sport of baseball, hearing from these greats feels like listening to the purest of American History, espcially in the everchanging MLB world. Kirk Dressendorfer is a prime example of those before & will walk up to the plate at Disch-Falk.

Dressendorfer, Longhorn Legendary pitcher from the 3rd coast, Houston, TX, joined in on Sports Talk last Friday before his upcoming number retirement ceremony on March 15th, during UT’s matchup against The Red Raiders from Lubbock. Kirk discussed with Ed UT Baseball from the newer players to Coach Pierce, his time with the Oakland A’s, reminisced on Ed’s prior broadcasting for UT during Kirk’s time with the Longhorns, Kirk even had some advice for B-DOE’s youngsters on building their baseball career. Maybe one day Kirk will sign B-DOE’s baseball card he’s got too.


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