Sawyer hosts Hot Ones Trivia Night at Bouldin Acres

Sawyer Hot Ones
Sawyer Hot Ones

Hot wings, hot questions and one hot host.

Not sure why, but Sawyer signed himself up to eat every hot wing along with all the contestants in our first ESPN Hot Ones Trivia Night at Bouldin Acres. And yes, he was begging for another cold Stella Artois by the end of it.

Five contestants were gathered for a trivia game of increasingly more difficult questions and increasingly hotter wings – if you’ve seen the Hot Ones show on YouTube you know these sauces get hot. Players earn points for answering questions correctly and points for finishing their whole wing. The Winner with the most points earns a cold pack of Stella Artois AND two tickets to an Austin FC game!


ESPN Hot Ones


Congrats to Daniel for winning our first Hot Ones Trivia challenge at Bouldin Acres! Enjoy your Stella Artois and Austin FC tickets.


Sawyer Hot Ones


Sawyer hosts Hot Ones Trivia Challenge at Bouldin Acres (5/30)


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